Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Limecrime Queen Giveaway!

Candy coated lips...Would you resist thy kiss?
Girls, we all know the importance of a fabulous lip shade when drawing attention to the voluptuous nature of the lips. Colour becomes integral and its essential for the hue to be a combination of flirty, fun and yet feminine. At the moment I am lusting over the colour palette of Limecrime's lipstick range. Featuring pops of pink through to sensual scarlet tones, Limecrime boasts a vast selection of different colours and their price range is very reasonable! If by this stage your not reciting your credit card number, then the cute pink appearance of the lipsticks might change your mind. 

These images can be found at the retailing Dragonberry Facebook page

And now a little sugary treat for my readers, because you've been such good girls you deserve a little something special! I am offering a chance for you to win yourself a little Limecrime giveaway! One of you lucky readers will win one gorgeous lip shade and all you have to do is:
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June 20 is the day I draw my winner so make sure you don't miss out ladies! As always, I love hearing from you all!
Kisses, Barbie 

Sunday, 20 May 2012


Laying poolside sounds like a perfect way to spend a quiet Sunday, but before we talk GTL I need to stress the importance of this particular shade of sheer. If colour was a broadway spectacular, teal would be the star of the seasonal show right now! Ladies, brighten your wardrobe with a splash of teal like this little Sportsgirl must have!
Top: Sportsgirl / Pants: Stella McCartney / Shoes: Zu / Rings & Earrings: Sportsgirl

A massive thank you goes to all my newest readers! Welcome to the fashion playground and by all means make yourself comfortable, I'm not going anywhere! And if you feel so compelled, like away on Facebook, Bloglovin' and Instagram. 

As always I remain,
Professor of fashionable trends,

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Prep on the steps

And they say there's only one queen of the upper east side?
Watch out B, there's a new queen joining the scandalous lives of the fashion elite and like queen to the throne, she too sits atop of the steps. Nothing says preppy like a floral pattern, stockings and patent Mary Janes- all that appears to be missing is a cute Blair inspired headband!

Top: Tokito / Skirt: Sportsgirl / Shoes: Corelli / Costume Ring: Lovisa / Dress Ring & Belcher Chain: Wallace Bishop

You know you love me...

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Transparent Trends!

My favourite thing about the transition to winter is that its still cool enough to wear sheer fabrics, and at the moment there are so many translucent beauties around. Three fabulous sheer tops caught my eye on a recent shopping trip, all very different in style and colour but the soft, fine fabric is the one similarity. Over the next week I will feature each one of these sheer delights in an outfit post, highlighting three different ways to wear sheer! Now, for my first look!
Coral, the popular colour of the season inspired a garden of Eden/Nature look for the style shoot.  Combined with leopard print heels and the lush greenery, this look both effortless and chic, is versatile enough to be worn during the day (a la garden party) or even for some night time activity (hello first dinner date!).
Top: Bardot  / Skirt: Sportsgirl / Necklace: Enzo & Toto / Shoes: RMK

Finish the look with a classic high pony and a pop of coral lip stain and you are ready to prowl young tigress!

Rate it or hate it, leave me your thoughts in the form of a little comment and if your not already, follow me! Don't forget to leave your very own blog links as I love to return the favour! Stay tuned for look two, fresh off the mood board and it won't disappoint! 
Professor B

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Self Portrait

Who hasn't got time for a sneaky selfie these days?
There's a girl, she's a dreamer. Overconfident? Hardly- she's sure of herself, as any girl her age often is. Fashion enthusiast: yes, but her favourite pieces, she recycles and hates to throw fashion away. History, a beautiful thing that she looks to for inspiration, she admires the classics like Doris, Audrey, Judy and Shirley. She is musically bound and rhythm comes naturally. A romantic? Indeed, but she's happy and independent today. 
What does your self portrait say about you? 
All my love,
Barbie, 2012.

Monday, 7 May 2012

The shades of pink, the rain and the tap shoes!

As it seems, pink was a popular shade last weekend when Miranda and I ventured to the Powerhouse to see Red Hot Rhythm's tap sensational show, Rhythm Junkies. The show consisted of 6 dancers; 3 Tap, 3 Irish, all incredibly talented and quick on their scuffed tap shoes. It amazed me how musical the sound of tapping can be, as the performers ditched audio accompaniment, instead creating rhythmical soundscapes using different tap combinations. My musical needs were met as the dancing was combined with a percussive duo and virtuosic violin player, adding depth to the innovative concept of dance/musical fusion. After the show, Miranda and I had the pleasure of joining the cast and other eager audience members for a celebrational end of a successful season drink. We were even lucky enough to score a happy snap with legendary tap icon, Reindert Toia. 

Feeling a little bit starstruck next to the super fit and skilled dancer Reindert!

I am yet to explain the rain component of the night. The weather on this particular weekend was consistently wet and windy. Miranda and I had planned to catch the ferry from Bulimba to Newfarm which is a fairly short trip...in theory. However, between getting off the ferry and walking the path up to the Powerhouse, we managed to get completely soaked from the back. Standing in the toilets using the hand drier as a form of warmth and an attempt to dry ourselves, was not exactly how I imagined our night would unfold, but it's a story I'll laugh about for a very long time. I now am beginning to understand the saying holds true, "always wear clean underwear incase your hit by a car". How was everyone's weekend? Fill me in ladies! One last reminder, I'm only 3 people away from gaining 200 readers and announcing my giveaway- share the love and share my blog!
Barbie xxx