Monday, 30 April 2012

Fashion Rewind: 50's and fabulous!

It is often said that history repeats itself, and in the case of the fashion world, this statement proves undeniably true. Researching for a 50's inspired costume idea made me realise that many trends still prevailing this season are heavily inspired by such trends as A line longer skirts, Alice bands, polkadot patterns and colourful pumps, all prominent of the 50's. In celebration of the 50's and as a helpful guide to those who may need it, I have recreated some of the hottest 50's looks using actual affordable pieces from new season lines of popular chain stores; Myer, Portmans and Forever New. Move over Audrey and make way for the new age fashionistas! Warning cuteness overload may provoke some serious fashion envy!
Images have been sourced from various websites, Tumblrs and Polyvore.

50's Fashion: Sandra Dee

50's Rockabilly Inspired Outfit Post

50's Inspired Post- Bridgett Bardot

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Saturday, 21 April 2012

The girl who SPARKLES...

Have you ever found an article of clothing, perhaps some sort of accessory that you immediately believed, personified your very character?
I have always been a girl with elaborate and decadent taste in fashion, jewellery, makeup and other personal treasures one might find in an exclusive boutique or sophisticated clothing store. It was no surprise to me that I heard the calling of this gorgeous heavily detailed sequinned top, complete with cutout detail on the bat wing sleeves. Immediately I envisioned this top to be the answer I was looking for, to complete the partnering for my never-been-worn high waisted, vintage, neon pink, pencil skirt. 
Special occasion you ask? No, just a chance to dress up a la Carrie Bradshaw style and enjoy some fine dining at Jade Buddha.
Top: Elly M / Skirt: Harry WHO / Shoes: Novo / Bag: Mimco

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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Theatre and its Muse!

Growing up with a musical background, there was only one role model I aspired to be like; a small, red-headed, white patent shoe wearing orphan, known as Annie. Could you imagine my excitement when I found out my second favourite childhood musical (behind Sound of Music dah!) was coming to Brisbane for a limited season starring non other than the wonderful Anthony Warlow!

Colour blocking is becoming a hobby of mine- particularly finding colours that will compliment and enhance one another. I thought the vivid hue of this turquoise Portmans dress would look sensational with these rich purple Jo Mercer heels I recently purchased! 

Putting together a great outfit isn't always about the colours, materials and textures but the true aesthetics and aura created. After all an outfit is only as magnificent as the person wearing it. As Annie has taught me, "your never fully dressed without a smile"...and a matching pair of pumps! 
Dress: Portmans, Shoes & Bag: Jo Mercer, Bracelet: Thomas Sabo
The show was spectacular and so was the company, as I was graced by the presence of my dear, musically-gifted friend, Todd. Being a talented vocalist and pianist- Todd can appreciate the many different genres of music, plus doesn't he look dashing ladies? 

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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Tuscan Sun

For me, this season has proved to be one of exploring and experimenting with different hues on the colour wheel, as previously my wardrobes were comprised of the basic black, white and neutral tones. It will come at no surprise that I feel hard for this rust inspired jacket! Combining two of the hottest trends this season: colour blocking & animal print, I headed out for a girly dinner at a local arty hotspot. Don't you think these colours scream tuscan sunsets?

Jacket: Tokito, Dress & Belt: Ladakh, Shoes: RMK, Bag: Sportsgirl
While we are on the topic of brand new purchases, you may or may not notice I've had my hair freshly done! Chopped, treated and fresh platinum highlights, makes me feel like a brand new woman!
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Sunday, 8 April 2012

City to Country Chameleons

In an attempt to escape a day of battling the busy crowd at an overpopulated shopping centre and cleaning out my bank account using the magnetic strip of a credit card, Alice and I packed a picnic lunch and drove 2 hours south of Brisbane for a countrified experience. Little did I expect to find a new found love of nature and a real life secret garden just outside of Brunswick Heads.

Dress: Portmans, Hat: Portmans, Bag: Sportsgirl, Bangles: Lovisa, Shoes: Novo

Embracing our inner hippy, we cordinated colourful ensembles enhancing the natural beauty of the flora and fauna outside while combining the hot trend of floppy explorer hats- a prized look this season. 

Stumbling around in the sunshine was everything I needed on such a beautiful day. Afterward we browsed the little boutiques Brunswick had to offer and stopped for a delicious banana smoothie before heading back to the city.
With the ability to change styles like a chameleon, as always I will remain professor of fashionable trends,

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

GAGA Hairspiration

Darling friends,
I've always said that hairstyles are like jeans- once you find one that really works for you, you seldom part ways with it! And for me, that style right now that flatters my locks and makes people stare is the infamous Lady Gaga hair bow! From the many requests I have had, here is the highly anticipated tutorial!

I know this style isn't for everyone, but for the tamer girls I have included some hairspirational styles that I have archived throughout my many hours of style stalking, I mean "researching".

"Excuse me Manhattan Maiden, Serena Van Der Woodsen- don't mind me, I am about to uncover your secret!"
This very hairstyle is best achieved by dividing hair into 3 sections using a fine tooth comb. Start with the top section closest to the crown. Slightly tease section and wrap into a messy bun, securing with bobby pins that closely match your own hair colour. Repeat with second hair section. Finally pull remainder of hair (even longer strands dangling from other sections)into a low, loose pony tail and secure at the nape of the neck. You know you'll love it, xoxo.
Does this hairstyle look familiar? It requires a lot of volume and small hair bands (braiding optional). Pull the hair into a semi centred pony and secure. Next backcomb pony and start bunching hair into small sections and securing with the small hair bands. You can leave this look plain with the bands visible, or using a braid/ribbon, wrap around bands and tie a messy knot. 
LV- Designing a couture hairstyle
Using a selection of bobby pins, hair needs to be folded across to the other side of head. Tuck the ends under the folded section of hair and secure with bobby pins. A cute little headband really completes this look. 

"If this hair could secure me a man like Edward- then style me a bride!"
In the classic Breaking Dawn wedding, Bella fuses a fine braid, with a messy, low bun. The key detail of this simple do is the messy strands that are left to frame the face.

I do hope this posting has been helpful in infighting some hairspiration. Let me know how it goes ladies!
Love Professor B