Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Preppy little Sportsgirl!

As of tomorrow, there are only 29 days of summer remaining. Naturally I have started compiling my autumn/winter wish lists, and preppy sweaters are my top priority. Could this Sportsgirl polkadot sweat be any cuter?? I have teamed it casually with a black high-waisted skirt, bold neckpiece, studded clutch and wedges. Are you fan?

1. Sportsgirl polka sweat
2. Sportsgirl silver neckpiece
3. Sportsgirl studded clutch
4. Wittner wedges
5. Sportsgirl black high-waisted skirt
Leave me your seal of approval, or perhaps an alternative? Either way, I love to hear from my fashionable followers.

Kisses, Barbie

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Rebellion is the Night

I often wait with baited breath for the summer season to be over and the crisp winter air to appear. There is nothing I love more then the chic trend of trench coats and Burberry scarfs, cherry topped with a "cute as a button" beret. It should not alarm you when I say that Queensland winters are rather disappointing, as no frost, no snow angels, no trench means no fun! However after viewing the highly anticipated Autumn/Winter 2012 Zimmermann line, I do believe my disappointment will be short lived. Introducing "Rebellion is the Night", featuring feminine, floral undertones, geometric and abstract prints, daring and flattering cuts and a fresh and innovative design and concept! And the best part is.... they won't be too cold to wear about in Brisbane's winter! 

All images sourced from the official Zimmermann page.

Counting down the 10 days before these beauties hit the store. Speaking of counting down days, have I mentioned that my birthday is coming up in less then a week's time?! Next Saturday, the 4th of February, I turn the tender age of 23. Scary and yet stoked to receive my presents, I have spent this weekend stalking my favourite dress shops for the perfect dress for the occasion. Fashion bloggers you WON’T be disappointed, but you will have to wait until the weekend before you know what it is! 

Keep in touch sweet cheeks!!!
Love Barbie

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Those oh so Handsome bathers!

With all the muggy summer weather, I have been combing the internet for the ultimate swimsuit, and I've found it! Ladies get ready for some serious swimwear envy and feast your little peepers on the 2012 Romantic collection by We Are Handsome.

All images have been sourced from the official We Are Handsome blog found here.

This diverse range features many different cuts including brief, bikini, full piece - all hot and not to mention SLIMMING! Plus the tropical location of this shoot inspires me to put on my walking shoes and tone up for a sunny getaway- Hawaii anyone?

To check out the full range of summer treasures clickity here! but not before applying some sunscreen before your start your tanning sesh. Only few find lobsters sexy.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Sunday blues and brand new shoes...

Happy Sunday Fashion Friends! I take it you all had/are having a lovely weekend. For me, its back to reality tomorrow, meaning less sparkle and more sensible shoes *ewwww. Here are some highlights from the weekend just been.

Make my day sale Wittner purchases...Cheap as chips at $59.95 each, was a total steal!

An update to the work wardrobe. Nothing makes me feel fresher at work then stylish threads..

Newly coloured tresses. I always tell myself I'm ready for a change, but when it comes time to… I cannot stray from platinum.

PDA Saturday Night sesh. Couple dining with the favourites...
Dress: Sportsgirl
Shoes: Wittner
Clutch: Sportsgirl
Earrings & Cuffs: Adorne

Finally, for a little chance to gloat- has anyone noticed the brand new banner I created for my blog? I thought it was time for a change and a little more colour and creativity. I do hope the consensus is in favour of my innovativeness. Well darlings, it is time for me to get back to last minute planning, hoping I am not the only one in this lonely little boat. May I also remind you tech savvy iPhone lovers, that if you are looking for a distraction and you have a miraculous little app known as instagram, then I would love you to follow me- @ashla4

Catch you on the flip side kitties!
Kisses, Professor B

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Warning: Expanding Wardrobe reaching its maximum limit!

As my two, double-door wardrobes expand, I find myself hoarding and forgetting about newly purchased clothes. I rediscovered this very outfit today and took it for a wander through the garden (and shopping to Brisbane CBD). The earthy tones of this ensemble look striking against the green fauna, don't you think?

Dress: Portmans
Sequined Vest: Portmans
Necklace: Portmans
Shoes: Novo
Bag: Gucci
Watch: Fossil

I have recently updated my "look" with some new D&G glasses...

Call me crazy for always hoping my eyesight would fail me just to wear them, but I have found a few positives as to becoming a four eyed frequenter!

1. As I spend multiple hours blogging away, I find my eyes are now saved from the burden of headaches.
2. They also assist me in pulling off that chic geek trend that is growing ever so popular!
3. Glasses = maturiosity and sophiscationosity, dah!

and finally....
4. Based on appearance alone they boost my IQ by 100- and as Daniel Radcliffe once said, "Intelligence is sexy" ;)

Results: Winning!

Courtesy of google images

As I struggle at the thought of going back to work in 2 days, I consider why I wasnt born into the role of a socialite. Shopping, socialising and sleeping have happily been my ultimate lifestyle for the last 6 weeks. Still, it's back to reality.

Ciao bebe's!
Professor B

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Practically Perfect!

Last night my family and I ventured to Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) to see the awaited brilliance of Thomas Schumacher and Cameron Mackintosh, creators and producers behind the stage sensation Mary Poppins. To say the production was magical has to be the understatement of the year- it was nothing short of magnificent. Being a regular thespian, (yes it is a real term to describe us theatre enthusiasts) I usually categorise shows into two definitives- Razzle Dazzle and Wow Factor. Aside from Wicked, Mary Poppins is definitely one show that deserved both of these titles. An array of colour dispersed between the decadent sets, props and costumes, emersed me within the enchanted setting of the story. The magic and illusions on stage were astonishing to say the least, particularly the part where the angelic nanny flew through the audience. WOW!; There were strings?

While I am a massive fan of one, Julie Andrews, the voice on this young (understudy of Poppins), Sarah Bakker was flawless and at times she sounded uncannily like the original. Last night awoke my new, sudden urge to pick up my tap shoes and clickity clack across some floor boards. Thank you Matt Lee- my parents will love revarnishing the polished floor. If any Brisbanites know of some ultra modern tap schools, holla at your sista! To the rest of you, if the opportunity arises to see Mary Poppins you must go! It was the most spectacular show I've seen yet!

Dress: Pink Stitch
Shoes: Corelli
Bag: Adorne
Necklace and rings: Diva
Diamond Earrings: Michael Hill
Headband: Equip

Excited to leave

A little Blake Lively inspired updo...

The warm purple glow of the entertaining area at QPAC

Mrs Barbie

Awaiting the magic

I just couldn't resist!

Has anyone seen some Broadway lately? Leave me a love note.

Love and kisses,
Professor B

Friday, 6 January 2012

Geometric Jewels

Hot trend that I am currently chasing is bold, geometric jewellery. Think angular, sharp statement neckpieces, and if you’re feeling rather daring, why not complete this look with matching earrings.

Thank you Lovisa for your ahhhmazing range of accessories!

gif maker
gif maker

I need some finger bling stat to compliment my newest nail design. What do you think girls? Is this not my most sparkly design yet?!

Keep up the messages and blogging links kitties as I’m in my last weeks of holidays and eager to lap up luxurious trends while I can.

Ciao for now!
Professor B