Sunday, 28 October 2012

Lily-Flame Luxury

I’m often asked as a blogger, what fuels my food for thought (aka the inner musings of a piece) and it is not generally something that an be defined in a simple explanation. Stimulation for me is derived from the ambience that surrounds me and today I am engaging in more than one of my 5 senses.  I am burning a combination of 3 amazing scents from the Lily-Flame England signature candle collection.

Today I’m creating Christmas come early as I burn Snow Fall, Mistletoe Kisses and Ho! Ho! Ho! While the three fragrances blend seamlessly together, igniting a sweet, captivating atmosphere, my choice of the three would have to be Snow Fall, which as its name suggests, emits a soft snowy smell. Teamed with the berry and deep wine scent of Ho! Ho! Ho! and the pine, grassy scent of Mistletoe Kisses, the balance of scents are perfect for the festive season.  

There is nothing more relaxing then watching a candle slowly burn and gather pooling wax, it is an aesthetically beautiful image.  What I simply love about the Lily-Flame collection is that each candle is presented with brightly coloured chunks of wax that are pressed into the set wax. When the candles burn, the textured pieces melt and their colours determine the final colour of the wax. A final note on the presentation of the candle, leads me to the pretty packaging. Each candle is lovingly hand dressed with a decorative and colourful label equipped with its unique name and charming tag line. Note the thoughtful little sentiments of the festive scents I am burning: Ho! Ho! Ho! The Finest Wines, The Deepest Snow; Snow Fall, Drifting Down Without a Sound and Mistletoe Kisses, A Little Festive Fun!

For a complete listing of the amazing Lily-Flame collection visit their website, instagram @iheartlilyflame and official Facebook page and keep your eyes peeled for future Lily-Flame postings on this space.

Love Professor Barbie


Robyn said...

What lovely gifts to give your friends for Christmas. Simply love the little chunky bits in the top of the candle and the smell is soft but strong, sweet and longlasting. Enjoyed by all at home.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Those are wonderful and I bet they smell gorgeous too :) xx

Laura said...

That's a very good idea about the following, do you prefer via google friend connect?
Keep in touch

x Laura

Galiciademoda said...

ey que guay! :) me encanta, me gusta me pasaré bastante por aquí! :D
mil besitos


Mira said...

I love scented candles. Thanks for your comment. Of course I like to follow each other. Followed you on Bloglovin number 40. Don´t forget to follow me back. So we can stay in touch <3