Saturday, 2 June 2012

Winter's arrival

It's the second day of winter here in Australia and already I've pulled out the number one seasonal necessity, wool knits! As Maria once sung of "silver white winters", warm wooly mittens/knits are definitely among my favourite things! This classic rust colour certainly brightened my mood and reminded me of the glowing ambers in my toasty fireplace. 
Knit & Skirt: Sportsgirl / Blouse: Pormans / Bag: Mimco / Shoes: Bonbons

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Love Barbie 


Kirsten said...

I just bought a whole bunch of knitted jumpers ... oooooh I LOVE winter! Oh I forgot that it started yesterday! Hurray! I love that rusty coloured jumper, looks so coooosyy!!


kath said...

pretty outfit!!


miiu said...

winter? sickening, the summer has only just begun on this side of the planet. cute knit nonetheless :)

Fashion Tales.... said...

The boots are fabulous! I love the jumper colour too! It is just summer now for me, but wishing you a warm and fashionable winter. xo

Raspberry Blonde said...

thanks for your comment babe!
oooh, I'm loving the booties!

theM.A.D.creationist said...

Very nice sweater!!!


Kisses from Italy


danielle p. said...

you look so pretty!

le style child said...

i love those shoes!

Visa said...

love the color of the jumper :)