Saturday, 30 June 2012

Fake it till you make it: sass & bide

In a perfect world we all wish we could afford the newest arrivals from sass & bide, amiright girls? However, in reality we are not all blessed with 6 figure salaries or an endless supply of the d.a.d.d.y fund. To combat this issue, its time we think about some cheaper alternatives (or at least find a sugar daddy) that can help you fake the s&b lookbook!
Splurge or Save?

From left to right
1. sass & bide, The Untitled zippora spray on $390 AUD
Black Milk Clothing, Liquid Gold Leggings $80 AUD
Savings = $310 AUD

2. sass & bide, The Story Of Us Jacket $590 AUD
Beginning Boutique, Hawaiian Black Blazer $95 AUD
Savings = $495 AUD

3. sass & bide, The Reason Boot  $590 AUD
RMK, Dazzler $159.95 AUD
Savings = $430.05 AUD

4. sass & bide, Enthusiastic Acceptance Harness $590 AUD
House of Harlow, Multi Horn Pendant Necklace $137.20 AUD
Savings = $452.80 AUD

Total Savings = $1687.85 AUD

Ohmgee, that's some heavy change you have jingling about in your pockets and the best news is you look fabulous, for so much less! These savvy saving alternatives are all Australian labels that have the advantage of currency conversion and international shipping. 

And I know to those "Couture Queens" (which I myself am I of), the label is the thrill of an outfit, but sometimes isn't it just nice to know you don't have to sacrifice your savings for style? Proving that regardless of your budget, you can still always look a million dollars!

Love Always, 
Professor of Fashionable Trends,


Yannick said...

that looks really cool!! :D *_*

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The Chic Sheet said...

OMG I love that floral blazer...and the price!


Pretty Affairs said...

fantastic post, beautiful! i'm all about saving (if possible)! ;-) following you back hun xoxo

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FashionGeek said...

thank you so much for all your kind comments! you are amazing! I love those two floral blazers your showing! Your right we can't all afford!
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maxime said...

It's so true what you say here! I'm just a student and I'm a true shopaholic but sometimes we need to spend less money and have more pieces than to buy just one piece ! (unless it's really a special one of course ;p) Thanks for sharing the cheaper versions with us! Oh and by the way thank you so much for following me! You really made my day and it means a lot to me!
big kisses

Maiken said...

must agree with you. sometimes it's stupid to spend on something crazily expensive when you can find an alternative as good as the original piece and save the most of your money that way. when it comes to shopping, girls must be smart ;)

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Collections said...

omg I am dying for a pair of boots that sparkle in the back. the ones you have featured are gorgeous.

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Theadorabletwo said...

The boots with the sparkle are amazing!!

Love Storm

jas said...

love the floral blazer!


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so cute immages!!!


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Beauty Follower said...

NIce jacket!

Katie's Bliss said...

I love it when I can find cheaper alternatives to designer pieces I'm lusting after! Love all those designs!


Izzy said...

haha you are a life-saver! those are some awesome savings indeed, and it just shows how easy it is to look good without being a billionaire (or like you mentioned, having your daddy as one!) love the whole look too. I've been lusting over those BM leggings for a while now! <3