Thursday, 12 April 2012

Tuscan Sun

For me, this season has proved to be one of exploring and experimenting with different hues on the colour wheel, as previously my wardrobes were comprised of the basic black, white and neutral tones. It will come at no surprise that I feel hard for this rust inspired jacket! Combining two of the hottest trends this season: colour blocking & animal print, I headed out for a girly dinner at a local arty hotspot. Don't you think these colours scream tuscan sunsets?

Jacket: Tokito, Dress & Belt: Ladakh, Shoes: RMK, Bag: Sportsgirl
While we are on the topic of brand new purchases, you may or may not notice I've had my hair freshly done! Chopped, treated and fresh platinum highlights, makes me feel like a brand new woman!
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Damycool said...

Beautiful dress! love the color!

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

Loved the colors

Maiken said...

what a gorgeous look, dear! I have to say those shades really suit you and you totally shine when wearing those pieces. probably one of your best outfits. well, at least in my opinion :P

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Eres Guapa said...

Hi Barie!!
Thans for your lovely comment, You don't need be jealous of my hair, you have a nice long blonde hair!! ;)
Sorry for my errors writing! Your look: So nice but y would prefer the dress more short! :)
Ah, you could put a gadget like mine to translate your blog content? Because i'm spanish and y can't understand all you write ;(
Keep in contact baby!
-Eres Guapa-.

Eres Guapa said...

LOL!! Thaaaaaaaaanks a lot for the traductor!! :)
I think that a blog like this may be read for more people! Am I sweet? noooo, you're sweet!!
A sweet kiss baby! ;D
-Eres Guapa-.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Gorgeous shoes :)) x

kath said...

so fab! love the color combination :)


famoody said...

love your blog:)Maybe we can follow each other?


Izzy said...

Yes, I do see a Tuscan sunset with these warm vibrant colours! :D love the colour combo and the leopard print shoes add the perfect touch :) and yay for getting your hair done. it looks so sleek and healthy! :) you're looking gorgeous babe as always!


Squared said...

Cool outfit and lovely hair ;) !!
Angela :)

chris said...

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Norah said...

this is a lovely look Barbie! i like the color combination a lot and i love how you always look so cheerful! makes looking at your pictures extra enjoyable.

after your question i realized i had forgotten to add outfit information to my post. anyway, this scarf unfortunately isn't by Burberry. i thrifted it quite a while ago. but it's 100% pashmina which i really-really like. i've gotten quite many questions from my friends about it being BB or not. i guess it's a very popular pattern :)

Tatiana B. said...

So cute! I love your blonde hair so much!

Love your blog, follow each other's both with GFC and fb? It would be great!

Tati ♥ pearls
Tati ♥ pearls on Facebook

Lucie Srbová said...

Lovely colours:)

Kisses, Lucy!

sepatuholic said...

thank you for your lovely comments and for following, I am following you back now, I like your style a lot, you mix and match an outfit veryyyyy stylishly!