Saturday, 25 February 2012

Technicolour at Goma!

Spent an afternoon at GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane) and experienced a new perception of colour. Move over Joseph with your outdated technicolour coat- and enter Yayoi Kusama's The Obliteration Room.  What started as a distinctive stark white room displaying matching white furniture, is now a collaborative artwork in process, contributed by the onlookers who are given polka dot stickers upon entry. 

The following image was sourced from the official GOMA blog found here

Impressive in over 5 different colours! And if you thought the artist's quirky trait would be prominent within her other work- you would be correct!

Tanya Schultz and Nicole Andrijevic's exhibition We Miss You Magic Land, was like taking a tour through a Katy Perry Candy Land set. Embellished, sugary and very pink! 

Within the same precinct lies the Queensland Art Gallery. What I would give to have a water feature like this in my house!

Lastly, nothing pleases me more then a little coffee pick-me-up!
Right on ;)
Stay tuned for my next post featuring my answers from Sandra's 11 questions post. Be prepared to find out the deets about the girl behind the blonde! 
Professor B 


♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

OMG the place is awesome:).
And you are looking lovely.

LINDA said...

Thank you for your comment darling!

Amazing blog you have! I follow!

You are so pretty!

Linda from www.moonon.com

Maiken said...

wow, this sure looks so cool! I would totally visit if I had the chance.. which I unfortunately don't :P but the fairytale-like theme is really beautiful and dreamy anyway :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Soph. said...

So many people I know have been to GOMA lately. I haven't been ever and only just recently found out what it is... terrible I know! Looks really good in your photos, I will have to go sometime.

Answering your question I am also from Qld :) I was living in Brisbane last year but am back home on the Gold Coast atm which I am loving!

Thanks so much for the follow back! As much as I love seeing the blogs written by people from across the world it is also great to have people from home blogging about things I can go and do here or posting outfits that contain clothes from our stores!

Xox Soph

lapetiteblonde said...

wow dear!=0
Amazing place!!!omg!!
kisses blonde=)

sarahthestylescout said...

great pictures! so cool!

Summer-Raye said...

Seeing the 5th and 6th picture from the bottom makes me think of a fairy wonderland

Fabrizia said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment!!Amazing photos, sounds like so much fun, isn't it???

Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!
Cosa mi metto???

Marcela Gmd said...

Great post!!!
Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

Nikkay said...

Oh wow, I really want to go now!

Ulrika said...

The place looks absolutely gorgeous ! Loving the bright colours.

So happy to hear that you like my blog. Following you now :)