Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Singledom: animalistic dancing, gymnastics and a shot of absinthe

3 weeks off and I have significant news to report on. In terms of relationship status; in a relationship, I am now single, and while it is at times hard to adjust to, I have had a very exciting past two weeks.

This past weekend was spent on enjoying a free night in an deluxe studio room at the Gold Coast Mantra Legends Resort. To make things even more spectacular, my girlfriend Kimmy and I arrived at our room to find a nice surprise waiting for us!

After a celebration bubbly to years of friendship, we started the process of getting ready for a night of fine dining, dancing and scouting for cuties!After hours of preparation, here was the final result...

Both Kimmy and I swear by Revlon PhotoReady Makeup Foundation for that non-shiny, flawless, dewy finish.

After we "ate like kings", as Kimmy says, we headed straight to East on Broadbeach to experience the Gold Coast nightlife first hand. After a stint of crazy animal dancing, a shot of absinthe (*vomit*) and a gymnastic routine (not in that exact order), Kimmy and I were ready to take the party back to our room for some much needed zzzzzz. Here are some of the highlights.

My favourite <3

Kisses from the missus- I wish

I only wish I could bend that way...
In terms of describing the taste of pure absinthe, I think the look on my face says enough...
Everybody shot!

Well my friends, I hope you have enjoyed this read of my little adventure. Show your love with the follow button,

Love, Love, Love

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Headfear versus Headgear

Good morning to my favourite bloggers,

Lately I have donned my share of the spotlight for some quiet time with my thinking cap, as last week presented the six monthly ritual of boys versus committment = panicattack! situation. As any patient female will tell you, the most important thing to do in this circumstance is to avoid a conniption fit and issue some solo style space. However, being the impatient, race-paced, and slightly obsessive women I am, I have diverted my attention into another outlet, planning. So far, I have organised my entire social calendar for the week- right down to the fine details of outfit choices, back up outfit choices, company, extended company, transportation, $$$$$$$$ et cetera, et cetera.

This week sports an important social event which requires me to forget the inner monologue inside my head and concentrate on what’s on it. To recognise and ACCESSORISE for the 2011 Ekka Race Day! Sadly, I am not one of the lucky ones who have the day off, but I do plan on bringing Ekka Race Day to the workplace by rocking a fantastic head piece.

This year I’m finding the trend is less focus on hats and fascinators and more headbands. Take a leaf out of Blair Waldorf’s book and acknowledge that when it comes headbands, the bigger, the better. I myself am truly loving ban.do’s couture collection Black Label. Highly innovative and yet sophisticated, these babies would be the perfect accessory to a sexy lbd or flirty colourful number.  

For an elegant look, you can never go past the soft and subtleness of neutral colours. Jennifer Behr knows the essence of all things beautiful....

To all you beautiful Cinderella's, have a lovely time at the ball. Meet your prince's (boys in suits- delish), drink fine Champagne, admire the fashion and most importantly, make a graceful exit before you turn into a slutty pumpkin.

Kisses, A xxx

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Dramatic eyes for the dramatic you: a clip of how to!

Hello my lovely bloggers,

I have created for your enjoyment a basic tutorial to achieve dramatic eyes (or come hither eyes for you kinky readers' hehe). As you can see the following pic is the finished outcome; featuring bold eyes, and a natural base. Hope this helps those that sometimes feel like damsels in distress in the make up department. Let me know what you think, and perhaps I will upload more looks you can try. 

Love A, xxx

Forget the x- make his x gf your bff! Now thats some crazy math...

If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that break ups suck- regardless of who did the deed. Face it girls, we’ve all at least once cried into our pillows at night, wishing things could work out, because secretly we all want to be……..

Julia Stiles in the classic 10 Things I Hate About You.

However, sometimes friendship can result out of a break up…and no I’m not talking about a friendship with that troubled ex. In my case, I nabbed a friendship with his ex gf, who is now one of my besties, Michelle.
Ok so it wasn’t a case of exbook stalking…She happened to work with me and not only that, but she happened to be my supervisor. But most importantly she happens to be one of the coolest girls I know! While our friendship might have started as a constant bagging out of our last season squeeze- we’re rock solid in foundation and there for each other when we need it most. We even went on a cruise together early this year. This is us on our little adventure (minus the vomiting I did due to sea sickness).

Hmmm they say all men have a type… 

Did I mention we both studied teaching?

Well guys, that’s it for me. Have yourself a lovely evening and I’ll keep you posted!


Wednesday, 3 August 2011

School, sanity and my new Ed Hardy shirt...

It's . Schools out meaning the professional in me has disappeared, and the fashionista in me has come out to play :) I'm swapping my tailored threads for my new Ed Hardy number (courtesy of my thoughtful beau Adam).

A brief introduction to you all...My name is Ashleigh, but I'm more commonly referred to as Ash. While my username Professor Barbie began as a inside joke, it more accurately defines my day to day activities. I'm a beginning teacher moving from school to school, much like a gypsy ;) covering short/long term contracts. While teaching might sound like a boring profession to some and a death penalty to others- I love it! My speciality areas are drama and music so I'm always engaged by the creative musings of my students.

For the last 2 years I have been permanently attached to one Adam, my partner whom I met in a serendipity style setting. I was a young girl working at a shoe store, he worked across from me in a men’s dress wear store. Our eyes met, we saw each other out at 2009 Ekka Race Day, and the alcohol I’d injected encouraged me to insight a drunken introduction. A la' fairytale ending. Teehee!

Other than that, my other major interest is fashion and beauty. A compulsive shopper to the core I spend most weekends spending my fortnightly pay on high priced treasures, op shop bargains and most importantly SHOES!!! I'll chose a platform peep toe over other indulgences any day... 

Salivate over these little babies.....

As always, I look forward to getting to know each of you from the follow button. Keep in touch cyber friends,
Love A xxx