Friday, 9 September 2011

Operation Makeover: makeup and hair lookbook...

For all you girly girls, I have added for your own pleasure, pics from my recent makeover sesh. You are all familiar with my model Michelle, who approached me with the request that I do her hair and makeup for a special occasion. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to fashion her natural beauty into an entirely new look.

Michelle is going to her boyfriend's brother's 21st. Being a family event, Michelle wanted a natural, yet flawless finish with smokey eye feature. Here she is relaxing in my boudoir before the "process" begins. *Note that these pics have been taken from my iphone, so excuse the clarity.

Phase One: Base and bronzer

Phase Two: Eyes
The false eyelashes that Michelle is wearing are The Beauty Case products. Thick, luscious lashes...mmmm

The finished result...

Sparkle, Sparkle

Using her brand new, top of the range GHD, I put some soft curls throughout Michelle's platinum locks.

She even suprised me with a bunch of my favourite flowers, pink roses.

..Can she get any sweeter?

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Love Ashla xxx


Mirielys (Miry) Perez said...

Wow! What a makeover! She looks beautiful!

Professor Barbie said...

Thank you presh! Michelle will be v. excited to hear this!! I thought she looked amazing! xxx

margaritats said...

love your hair!

Michelle Lee said...

pretty makeup and hair
thanks I followed you back :)