Thursday, 1 September 2011

Karen Stamper: A Visionary

While some might credit Picasso, Monet or Gogh to be the favourite artists, I am totally following the Karen Stamper 2010 collection. For those of you who haven’t heard this iconic name, Karen Stamper is a UK based artist who creates beautiful art centred on feminism. She states...
To be a woman is a bit like being in a pantomime, a performance....We live in a mainstream society that perpetuates and reinforces sinister laws of gender. I deconstruct everyday (explicit) images of women readily found on magazine shelves around the world.
Upon reading this I felt instantly inspired by such bold words from this talented artist. In the last few months I myself have felt as if my confidence has taken a backseat to submissive behaviour. It is all to easy to get caught up in obsession to be recognised as a beauty in today’s society and what we do to achieve this often incurs self destruction. Girls take a moment out of your day and tell yourself that you are beautiful...and mean it. Say out loud that you are loved by many...and mean it. Because you are all beautiful! Now, enjoy Ms Stamper's 2010 collection...tell me what you think and hit up her website for more images! http://www.karenstamper.co.uk/#

A little bit older...but still so fabulous!

Professor Barbie

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