Wednesday, 3 August 2011

School, sanity and my new Ed Hardy shirt...

It's . Schools out meaning the professional in me has disappeared, and the fashionista in me has come out to play :) I'm swapping my tailored threads for my new Ed Hardy number (courtesy of my thoughtful beau Adam).

A brief introduction to you all...My name is Ashleigh, but I'm more commonly referred to as Ash. While my username Professor Barbie began as a inside joke, it more accurately defines my day to day activities. I'm a beginning teacher moving from school to school, much like a gypsy ;) covering short/long term contracts. While teaching might sound like a boring profession to some and a death penalty to others- I love it! My speciality areas are drama and music so I'm always engaged by the creative musings of my students.

For the last 2 years I have been permanently attached to one Adam, my partner whom I met in a serendipity style setting. I was a young girl working at a shoe store, he worked across from me in a men’s dress wear store. Our eyes met, we saw each other out at 2009 Ekka Race Day, and the alcohol I’d injected encouraged me to insight a drunken introduction. A la' fairytale ending. Teehee!

Other than that, my other major interest is fashion and beauty. A compulsive shopper to the core I spend most weekends spending my fortnightly pay on high priced treasures, op shop bargains and most importantly SHOES!!! I'll chose a platform peep toe over other indulgences any day... 

Salivate over these little babies.....

As always, I look forward to getting to know each of you from the follow button. Keep in touch cyber friends,
Love A xxx


Sassi said...

omg, you look perfect! and I love those shoes so much!

Professor Barbie said...

Thank you Sassi!
Arent you just the sweetest! I had a peek at your blog and I loved your work. Consider yourself followed! xox