Sunday, 14 August 2011

Headfear versus Headgear

Good morning to my favourite bloggers,

Lately I have donned my share of the spotlight for some quiet time with my thinking cap, as last week presented the six monthly ritual of boys versus committment = panicattack! situation. As any patient female will tell you, the most important thing to do in this circumstance is to avoid a conniption fit and issue some solo style space. However, being the impatient, race-paced, and slightly obsessive women I am, I have diverted my attention into another outlet, planning. So far, I have organised my entire social calendar for the week- right down to the fine details of outfit choices, back up outfit choices, company, extended company, transportation, $$$$$$$$ et cetera, et cetera.

This week sports an important social event which requires me to forget the inner monologue inside my head and concentrate on what’s on it. To recognise and ACCESSORISE for the 2011 Ekka Race Day! Sadly, I am not one of the lucky ones who have the day off, but I do plan on bringing Ekka Race Day to the workplace by rocking a fantastic head piece.

This year I’m finding the trend is less focus on hats and fascinators and more headbands. Take a leaf out of Blair Waldorf’s book and acknowledge that when it comes headbands, the bigger, the better. I myself am truly loving ban.do’s couture collection Black Label. Highly innovative and yet sophisticated, these babies would be the perfect accessory to a sexy lbd or flirty colourful number.  

For an elegant look, you can never go past the soft and subtleness of neutral colours. Jennifer Behr knows the essence of all things beautiful....

To all you beautiful Cinderella's, have a lovely time at the ball. Meet your prince's (boys in suits- delish), drink fine Champagne, admire the fashion and most importantly, make a graceful exit before you turn into a slutty pumpkin.

Kisses, A xxx

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Anonymous said...

Miss barbie I love this! The jewelled one is so pretty.