Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Singledom: animalistic dancing, gymnastics and a shot of absinthe

3 weeks off and I have significant news to report on. In terms of relationship status; in a relationship, I am now single, and while it is at times hard to adjust to, I have had a very exciting past two weeks.

This past weekend was spent on enjoying a free night in an deluxe studio room at the Gold Coast Mantra Legends Resort. To make things even more spectacular, my girlfriend Kimmy and I arrived at our room to find a nice surprise waiting for us!

After a celebration bubbly to years of friendship, we started the process of getting ready for a night of fine dining, dancing and scouting for cuties!After hours of preparation, here was the final result...

Both Kimmy and I swear by Revlon PhotoReady Makeup Foundation for that non-shiny, flawless, dewy finish.

After we "ate like kings", as Kimmy says, we headed straight to East on Broadbeach to experience the Gold Coast nightlife first hand. After a stint of crazy animal dancing, a shot of absinthe (*vomit*) and a gymnastic routine (not in that exact order), Kimmy and I were ready to take the party back to our room for some much needed zzzzzz. Here are some of the highlights.

My favourite <3

Kisses from the missus- I wish

I only wish I could bend that way...
In terms of describing the taste of pure absinthe, I think the look on my face says enough...
Everybody shot!

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